Mecalac 12MTX

The New 12MTX gives another dimension, it makes it possible to have an excavator, a loader, a forklift and a tool carrier in a single machine, but also to augment the capacities of these functions due to the specific characteristics such as the articulated boom and frame, the lowered centre of gravity, the rotation of the superstructure, and the cab mounted on the right-hand side. With the New 12MTX numerous features have been combined in order to increase the performance of each function.

The Mecalac 12MTX enables mechanical rapid coupling with hydraulic unlatching (Mecalac patent) for changing tools in a few seconds without leaving the cab. With its 4.5 turbocharged engine it delivers 111hp (82kW) at 22000 rpm. The 12MTX is the machine with the best engine in its weight category.

Closed circuit hydrostatic transmission and closed circuit hydrostatic transmission enables accurate speed control and optimisation of performance in loader mode. Load sensing ‘flow sharing’ provides a proportional supply in accordance with the load required Buscan electronic control system for optimum power control.


​With its slight, well integrated boom-offset and 3-piece boom allowing to work outside the machine’s clearance, it combines power with agility. No matter if working beyond an obstacle or close to a wall, the New 12MTX is always capable to dig with high efficiency and exceptional economy of movement.

With a lifting angle of 140°, the kinematics of the Mecalac articulated boom enable the setting of loading and unloading manœuvres without the drivers’ view being limited by the movement of the bucket. And the wide range of motion of the New 12MTX offers the driver complete freedom of action, no matter if working in static position or slewing the upper structure.

With a vertical lifting range from +6 m to -3 m, the New 12MTX can discharge a load directly into a swimming pool, onto a foundation, etc. The machine can withdraw the forks gently and leave the pallet in place. The articulated boom makes it possible to handle the items placed on the pallet as close as possible to the machine.

Quick coupler
The New 12MTX combines comfort and precision in the application of hydraulic attachments, hereby benefitting from technologies having been developed for its digging and loading functions. The Mecalac boom allows the attachment to be positioned in the best way to apply its forces in the right direction, to protect the equipment and to limit the footprint of the machine on public roads. The articulated chassis yields a sheer perfect manoeuvrability, reduces unnecessary movement and allows for effortless travel.

Key values 

Max. weight 9.7 T
Power kW/HP 80/109
Max. torque. 430 Nm/1600 rpm
Max. speed 32 km/h
Tear-out force/Excavator 3090 daN
Break-out force/Excavator 6190 daN
Break-out force/Loader 6280 daN

Other values 
Variable displacement hydraulic pump
Max. pressure 310 bar
Max. output 165 l/min
4 driving wheels
Standard tires 405 / 70-20
Max. radius 6188 mm

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